Saturday, November 21

Stab Book

This is a stab book I made a few weeks ago. The pages inside are transparencies, each one with a layer of this image (from a spot I worked on last year). You can see through each of the pages, so when you first open up the front cover you're able to see the completed image.

Friday, November 20

Business Card Carrier

As promised, the matching business card holder...

This, along with a few other new books, will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon! In the mean time, if you're interested in a custom book like this (or any book for that matter) feel free to contact me on Etsy or shoot me an email at


Made this one a while back, but I really like it. I use it to carry my resume around. I also made a matching business card holder... pictures of that coming in the next post!

I am SO in love with that paper. I get giddy whenever I open this and see it!

Friday, November 13

Check out my Etsy shop!

Custom made books:

Please Do Not Bend

My most recent book, entitled Please Do Not Bend. I've unleashed the nerd inside of me (it gets out more often than I'd like to admit) for this one. I was reading some medical literature and looking at pictures of weird medical anomalies when I was struck with a (self-proclaimed) stroke of genius: why not make a book of my own medical problems? All those years of tests and doctor visits were really just preparation for this book. Oh god, I'm so dedicated to my art! So, two days, several paper cuts, and countless hours comparing my brain to those of some of the most messed up people to have ever lived later, I'm finally ready to show the world the inside of my head!


Blogging always leaves me with some odd (and rather unwarranted) sense of satisfaction, like I've really accomplished something. Bookmaking leaves me with the same feeling, but I think that one is a bit more deserved. So, I figure it's about time to start showing the world my work from my little corner of the internet. BLOGGING about my BOOKS? I'm going to be one very happy girl.

I made this book a few days ago... get it? It's a matchbook (horrible, witty humor is another one of those things that I've got a soft spot for). And apparently, nobody sells matchboxes anymore. Finding one was a lot harder than you'd think.