Monday, December 28

Hobyah! Hobyah! Hobyah!

When my sister and I were younger, my parents would read us this story almost every night (The Hobyahs, by Simon Stern). We both knew every word, and the book became a sort of family 'joke' over the years. So, for Christmas this year, I recreated the story exactly as it is in the book (word for word, and the illustrations are exactly the same setup), but I replaced the characters with each of my family members. I'm the little girl, my father is the Old Man, my mother is the Old Woman, and my sister is the face of the horrible, mean monsters, the Hobyahs. This is another book that I completely underestimated the time I would have to put into it... I designed the characters and each of the 32 pages, then printed and bound it all. I made a copy for my parents and for my sister. This was by far the most satisfying gift i have ever had the pleasure of giving.

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