Monday, December 28

It's a planner, Charlie Brown!

I made this Charlie Brown planner as a Christmas gift for my best friend. She LOVES Charlie Brown, and she always gets excited to get a new planner at the beginning of each year. So I figured what better gift than a Charlie Brown planner! I completely underestimated the amount of time this would take to make. I worked on it a bit everyday for a while, and then spent 4 days straight only working on this. I'd say I logged over 150 man hours working on this. Everything inside (except for the actual comic strip panels on every other page) is hand-drawn, scanned, and printed on each page. So basically, it took FOREVER, but it was well worth it. She loved it and truly appreciated the hard work (I think?), so I'm happy!


  1. I'm curious about how you approached the Schultz estate for copyright permission to use Charlie Brown comics in this book. Did you have any problems finding the right people to ask? I know they are very leary of allowing usages.

    Any info you can provide would be great.

  2. Such a lovely planner! :)

    I don't know but I think that it's ok to use those characters for NON commercial use. This was just a gift, not a way to earn money. But that's only what I think...

  3. Sorry, I just saw these comments!

    But miia is right, I didn't do anything as far as copyright goes. It was just a gift for my friend, I didn't make any money off of it. Nothing commercial... just personal use. It's the same as if you printed a comic off your computer and hung it up in your office. So sorry I can't be of any help, PeanutsFan!